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Thread: TaxtBox Focus

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    TaxtBox Focus

    I am using to create ASP web applicaiton form. please tell me how i can put my cursor in the TextBox1 when first my web page loads in browser.

    Kindly tell me if you have any link for free step by step beginer e-book for ASP and

    Thank you.

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    Re: TaxtBox Focus

    You will have to use Client javascript to do that
    Page.RegisterStartupScript("setFocus", "<script>document.getElementById('" & TextBox1.ClientID & "').focus();</script>")
    Take a look at RegisterStartupScript Method of the Page Object to understand what happens when you call this method.

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    Re: TaxtBox Focus

    Used this in C# too... it worked perfectly!

    Page.RegisterStartupScript("setFocus", "<script>document.getElementById('" + Textbox1.ClientID + "').focus();</script>");

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