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Thread: how can i open 2 file?

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    how can i open 2 file?

    let's say i have a .dat file and .hdr file .... i have to compare both of them .... how can i open both of them at the same time and then compare them ? do you think is it prossible? pls help me?

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    Re: how can i open 2 file?

    Are they the same format? You could check the size, which would be quick, but if it's binary on one file, and text on the other, you can't.

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    Re: how can i open 2 file?

    You can even use Windows Internal command fc. You should use Shell to execute this command.

    The only condition here is that the files should be text files.

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    Re: how can i open 2 file?

    This is a quick and dirty FileCompare. It works with text and binary files as well.
    Just call it with two valid filenames.
    It reads both files consecutively into strings and compares them afterwards.
    Private Function FileComp(File1 As String, File2 As String) As Boolean
      Dim s1$, s2$, f%
      f = FreeFile
      Open File1 For Binary As #f: s1 = Space$(LOF(f)): Get #f, , s1: Close f
      Open File2 For Binary As #f: s2 = Space$(LOF(f)): Get #f, , s2: Close f
      FreeFile f
      FileComp = s1 = s2
    End Function
    If you want to do some fancy comparing and keep both files open, the code would look like:
    Private Function FileComp2(File1 As String, File2 As String) As Boolean
      Dim f1%, f2%
      f1 = FreeFile: Open File1 For Binary As #f1
      f2 = FreeFile: Open File2 For Binary As #f2
      'now both files are open to do your reading and comparing
      Close #f2: FreeFile f2
      Close #f1: FreeFile f1
    End Function

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    Re: how can i open 2 file?

    From an old project, fast and efficient, note that you may want to change the buffer size.

    Note that this function just tell if the two files are differents. If you want to compare the datas and tells the difference or something, this code would be a good frame to start on:

    Private Function filesAreDuplicate(strFile1 As String, strFile2 As String)
        ' Open both file and compare them
        Const BUFFERSIZE = 10240
        Dim file1 As Integer
        Dim file2 As Integer
        Dim lngRemaining1 As Long
        Dim lngRemaining2 As Long
        Dim lngRemaining As Long
        Dim bolFilesAreDuplicate As Boolean
        Dim bolFinish As Boolean
        Dim buffer1 As String
        Dim buffer2 As String
        buffer1 = Space$(BUFFERSIZE)
        buffer2 = Space$(BUFFERSIZE)
        file1 = FreeFile
        Open strFile1 For Binary Access Read As #file1
        file2 = FreeFile
        Open strFile2 For Binary Access Read As #file2
        lngRemaining1 = LOF(file1)
        lngRemaining2 = LOF(file2)
        If lngRemaining1 <> lngRemaining2 Then
            bolFilesAreDuplicate = False
            bolFilesAreDuplicate = True
        End If
        lngRemaining = lngRemaining1
        While bolFinish = False And bolFilesAreDuplicate = True And _
            EOF(file1) = False And EOF(file2) = False
            If lngRemaining < BUFFERSIZE Then
                buffer1 = Space$(lngRemaining)
                buffer2 = Space$(lngRemaining)
            End If
            Get #file1, , buffer1
            Get #file2, , buffer2
            If buffer1 <> buffer2 Then
                bolFilesAreDuplicate = False
            End If
            lngRemaining = lngRemaining - Len(buffer1)
            If lngRemaining = 0 Then
                bolFinish = True
            End If
        filesAreDuplicate = bolFilesAreDuplicate
        Close #file2
        Close #file1
    End Function
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    Re: how can i open 2 file?

    thank you... really appreciate it.....

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