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Thread: Nintendo DS Lite - any good?

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    Question Nintendo DS Lite - any good?

    My wife is considering getting a portable game console, she's thinking of getting the Nintendo DS Lite.

    I've notice via the forum search that a few people here own one, what do you think of it as a game console ?

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    Re: Nintendo DS Lite - any good?

    I got one a while ago, its amazingly fun. Even though its getting on in age, its still awesome. Mario Kart is so great love that game.
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    Re: Nintendo DS Lite - any good?

    I still have a GameBoy Advance. My friend has a Nintendo DS and its fun, I remember playing this face matching game (or something like that) using the stylus. It was fun but got frustrating after awhile, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Notsosuperhero
    Mario Kart is so great love that game.
    So very true. I still play the original one for SNES sometimes. That game was always a blast.
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    Re: Nintendo DS Lite - any good?

    I liked it. The only thing that I didn't like was that the wireless was not "Web capable" out of the box (they sell a web browser for it now).

    I haven't played with the DS Lite, but my only other complaint about the DS is that the various buttons are a tad too close to the edge of the device. Probably so you can use the touch screen with your thumb. I found my thumbs getting cramped after a while.


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    Re: Nintendo DS Lite - any good?

    It is ok but I would suggest you buy a psp
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