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Thread: Keydown and Keyup In linux

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    Keydown and Keyup In linux

    For those who don't care about the back story, skip this paragraph:
    I can't seem to catch the key press events, I have tried getchar() but that requires pressing enter, and also doesn't tell me when the button is being pressed... Anything I search comes up with "Borland compiler, windows.h, conio.h" and stuff like windows or direct x, thats not what I'm looking for. I want to learn to catch the keydown event without changing my compiler, adding more crap, or booting into windows. I use g++, and SUSE Linux with the 2.6 kernel (not so sure if it makes a difference. I'd send a snippet of code, but I dont have one, I've been randomly tracking down tutorials but all require something extra. sorry for the long story, I was irritated and venting...

    My setup:
    SUSE Linux Kernel 2.6
    GNU C compiler (g++)

    All I want is to do is catch the keyup/keydown events.... and when they're being used...
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    Re: Keydown and Keyup In linux

    On Linux you would use the ncurses library instead of the cinio.h functions.
    Try somthing like this.
    #include <string.h>
    #include <ncurses.h>
    int main() {
        int ch;
        char buffer[256];
        initscr(); cbreak(); noecho();
        keypad(stdscr, TRUE);
        while ( (ch = getch()) == ERR );
        sprintf(buffer,"key 0x%02X was pressed\n\n", ch);
        addstr("press any key to exit.");
        while ( (ch = getch()) == ERR );
    This works for me. But I found it difficult to initialize the ncurses library properly.
    man ncurses should give you all the information you need.

    EDIT:you will have to link to the curses library
    gcc testcurses.c -lcurses
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    Re: Keydown and Keyup In linux

    Ok, it works to tell me the ASCII code of the character that was pressed, but doesn't continue to show that while I hold the key, but I assume that is because the keyboard auto-repeats the key I hold down? Is there anyway to avoid the auto repeat while holding a key? I think I'm going to try to just make a loop for it...

    edit: I used
    g++ filename.cpp -lncurses
    I don't know if that was wrong (you posted -lcurses) but yours didn't work for me...
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