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Thread: ClientRect of SDI

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    ClientRect of SDI

    Hi all,

    I am working on a SDI application, there I am using a splitter to split the frame into two panes. Now, I want to adjust the pane size, for that I use GetClientRect within the Frame, the only problem is that that Rect returned also includes the size for the Toolbar above. Is there a way, that I can get Rect - the toolbar height??? I'd prefer not do something like RcFrame.Height()-RcToolBarHeight()


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    Re: ClientRect of SDI

    that Rect returned also includes the size for the Toolbar above
    What toolbar are you refering to? Can you show a bitmap of the panes?
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    Re: ClientRect of SDI

    It is unclear to me why are you using GetClientRect to obtain client area of the main frame?
    It will always return client rectangle without taking under consideration any windows that are inside of the client area.
    I am assuming that you are using static splitter.
    You should rather ask about splitter window size. Frame window positions splitter as the last, after laying out all other windows.
    You should call frame’s member RecalcLayout and than retrieve splitter’s rectangle.
    See this article for explanation how frame window positions and sizes all child windows.
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