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Thread: date of week in month

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    date of week in month

    Dear all
    what's c++ function name is can use to know the
    date of week in month
    for example
    today is 2007-12-19
    this the day = 19 in this month is 3 weeks pass in this month
    how if the day = 25 is next week in this month .
    my question is does any idea i can use code to calculate which day of week in each month?


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    Re: date of week in month

    Are you asking which week of the month a specific day is in? For example, 2007-12-19 is in the 3rd week and 2007-12-25 is in the 4th week?

    If you could clarify the question you may get more replies.

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    Re: date of week in month

    There is no such C++ function. You have to compute that by yourself.
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    Re: date of week in month


    As Cilu said, there is no ready-made C function to compute this. Moreover, week has different conventions in different countries and contexts like starting from Sunday, Monday or Saturday. One has to do the computation according to one's needs.

    Easiest method is to find the day from the date variable and divide the difference by 7 to get the week. One can refine the computation by checking which is the weekday of first of that month and which is the weekday on which the week starts.

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