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    Question Crystal Report Design, HELP!


    i have troubles creating a working report for the following design:

    I have "Boxes" and "Items".

    An Item as an "ID", "Name" and "ParentID". Where the parent ID is a foreignkey to the Box table.

    A Box as an "ID" and a "Name", but also a "ParentID". Because a box can exist out of other boxes...

    So a Box can contain more then one boxes and also more then one items... An item can only be in one box.

    So a small treeview example:

    - BOX1
    ---- item1
    ---- item2
    ---- BOX2
    ------- item3
    ------- item4
    - BOX3
    ---- item5
    - BOX4
    - BOX5

    I created all links in MySql, and i created an ODBC connection. But how do i create a report which will list me a nested structure of all items and boxes?

    It probably has something todo with groups, or subreports ... but i can't figure things out!

    If you have an idea, please help me!


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    Re: Crystal Report Design, HELP!

    So you don't know how many levels in your report? Like BOX1 contains BOX2, BOX2 contains BOX3, BOX3 contains BOX4, etc.

    If you know exact number of levels, you can use group and subreport to show the whole thing. Subreport would be the better way. If there is no data in subreport, suppress it.
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    Re: Crystal Report Design, HELP!

    Ok, thanks ... i think i'll need to put a limit in the nested structure


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