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Thread: C# Controls: How do I activate the PrintDialog from a Toolstrip item?

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    C# Controls: How do I activate the PrintDialog from a Toolstrip item?

    Q: Whenever I show the PrintDialog from a Toolstrip button, using the UseExDialog property, I have to click the PrintDialog twice, before it gets activated, how can I fix this?

    A: You should make use of a Delegate to handle the displaying of the PrintDialog, here is an example :
         delegate DialogResult ShowThePrintDialog(); //Create Delegate
            private void toolStripButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                ShowThePrintDialog printD = new ShowThePrintDialog(printDialog1.ShowDialog); //What the Delegate Must Do
                this.BeginInvoke(printD); //Start The Delegate
    This is of course assumed that you have a PrintDialog and a Toolstrip ( with at least one button ) on the form, using their default names.

    Q: What is a Delegate?

    A: More Information

    Q: What does BeginInvoke do?

    A: Control.BeginInvoke

    I have added 2 attachments.
    The one Attachment ( ), demonstrates the behaviour of the PrintDialog, when using the UseExDialog property set to true. When you run the sample, you will see that you have to click the PrintDialog twice, as it is not automatically activated.

    The second attachment, demonstrates how to overcome this issue.
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