Hi gurus,

I have a web site that uses the AJAX Control Toolkit v3.020820.28853 and master pages. Everything works absolutely perfectly on my development machine, however when I deploy the site to our test web server it gives an error.

I have a login page which uses Ajax Control Toolkit (but not a master page) and this loads fine. The other pages which all use a master page containing a ToolkitScriptManager throw up a 'AjaxControlToolkit is undefined' error message.

I searched around but cannot find any answer to this. I have the 'Verify file exists' for .axd unchecked in the IIS application config, the date/time on the server is correct, I don't have any OutputCache directives on the pages and I've disabled enableCompression for the scriptResourceHandler in the web.config file.

Has anyone else come across this and possibly know the solution?