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Thread: [RESOLVED] Import entire Class from DLL?

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    [RESOLVED] Import entire Class from DLL?

    Is it possible to import a Class from a DLL. Some of the information I have seen on line people seem to be referring to the class as the dll and only import functions from the class.

    What I'm looking to do is import the entire class from the Dll and use it in my code. Is this possible?

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    Re: Import entire Class from DLL?

    If the DLL is another .NET assembly then just add a reference and use the functionallity.

    If the DLL is COM compliant, just create a managed wrapper and add THAT as a reference.

    If the DLL is a C++ (non-COM) DLL, then you can not (effectively )import "entire classes". The closest you can come is to create a .NET class which acts as a wrapper to the individual functions. This will give you a decent class facade.
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