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    Re: C++0x language feature checklist


    im sorry for not being pecific but i wasnt talking about template specialization i was talking about defining variables... Tho its been a along time since i used "typename<> variable".
    Sorry again for not being pecific. Im not sure if its any diffrent now from the last time that i used VC++ with default template parameters

    And your right there is a work around but its really annoying using ::T bit, and i get tangled in giving the classes the name i wanted to give.

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    Re: C++0x language feature checklist

    The only attribute I've ever used is GNU's "unused" to avoid a warning on static functions that don't get called. At present I don't believe VS2005 warns for that, so I haven't needed the MS version. That said, if there *were* a standard specification for such things, I might use them more often.

    One of the things I hate doing is writing code that ties me to a particular compiler. I always #ifdef such code and provide alternatives when it's necessary, but that can get messy. So anything that reduces the need to do that is a good thing.

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    Re: C++0x language feature checklist

    I have to agree with Lindley on this one [yes, it does happen. ].

    For the "standard" attributes which have a direct (or very close) mapping to the existing Visual C++ attributes, it would be a BIG help if the standard syntax was supported [this should primarilty impact the lexical analysis and not the internals of the compiler].

    For those which do not match, having them parsed and either generating a "non-supported" error, or an "ignored" warning (ideally configurable between the two) would be a great help in keeping source code "clean".
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