In our company (an IT services company), we have noticed that C++ is popular only in cases of legacy maintenance projects.

Most new development projects (non-embedded ofcourse) are moving in the direction of embracing either J2EE or .NET . .NET seems to be quite popular.
Not many customers seem to be interested in the new Windows MFC libraries which provide features similar to the .NET classes.

In such a context, how will I be able to convince my bosses to take notice of C++ 0x. I as an individual am interested and want to propogate C++ 0x among other people in this company - but if I cannot profess a business value - not many people will be interested and nor will I be encouraged.

Can you please comment on what you see as advantages of C++ 0x and how important its features will be (I suppose with the concept of lambdas, it would help develop libraries for supporting parallel programming - this could be 1 case right ?)