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    Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable was corrupted.

    Hi All,

    I have problem during execution of my program.
    Error is Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'pwADErrBuff' was corrupted.
    I increased variable pwADErrBuff size from 256 to 2048. But, still have problem.

    Please help me in this,

    Code Snippet is below,

    WCHAR pwErrBuff[2048];
    WCHAR pwADErrBuff[2048];
    WCHAR * pADErrCodeStr;

    pwErrBuff[0] = NULL;
    pADErrCodeStr = CrackADError( passedhr);

    int maxAlloc = sizeof(pwErrBuff)/sizeof(WCHAR);

    // If an ADSI error code was returned, display it
    if (pADErrCodeStr[0] != NULL)
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, L"<*> ADSI Error HRESULT Returns: <*> \n");
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, pADErrCodeStr);
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, L"\n");

    // Call ADsGetLastError() to retrieve the error text from ADSI
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, L"<*> ADSI Error: <*>\n");

    hr = ADsGetLastError(

    if (FAILED(hr))
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, L"<Unable to retrieve ADs Error>");
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, pwADErrBuff);

    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, L"\n");

    WCHAR sz[1024];

    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, L"<*> System Error: <*> \n");

    // Check the standard system to crack the bad HRESULT into a string
    if (!FormatMessageW(FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM, 0, passedhr, 0, sz, 1024, 0))
    wcscat(sz, L"Unknown HRESULT error");
    SAFE_APPEND(maxAlloc, pwErrBuff, sz);

    // Display
    wprintf(L"\nERROR on %s\n\n",pwReason);
    printf("\nERROR on %X\n\n",passedhr);

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    Re: Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable was corrupted.

    1) Please use code tags..go back and RE-READ the "BEfore you post" announcement if you have forgotten how.

    2) The code does NOT look like (but it is hard to read without code tags!) C++/CLI [aka .NET] code. If it is NOT, then this is the WRONG forum, and need to ask a moderator to MOVE your thread (do NOT crate a duplicate, it simply creates more work for the moderator, who is already VOLUNTEERING (like the rest of us) his valuable time.
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