Although I am a long time C/C++ programmer and have done plenty of work with the Win32 API, I have never delved into the mysteries of the DDK. Actually, I'm hoping I still don't have to. If my understanding is correct, most of the video capture and send devices that interact with Microsoft Windows require device drivers to be written, usually by the manufactuer (if I am incorrect please let me know). I want to be able to send video frames to Skype and currently Skype only accepts video frames from a registered Windows video device. I assume it is using the usual device enumeration Win32 API call to populate the list of available video devices you can choose from when interacting with the Video Options choice box.

Is there any way to "fake" a device driver, perhaps by DLL injection and API call interception? Or any other technique so I could appear to Skype as a valid video device and then have it request video frames from me? I know this is an odd question to ask on a Device Driver forum, but if anyone would know how to do this it would be someone on this forum.