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Thread: Creating a Oval class?

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    Question Creating a Oval class?

    hey I got to create an oval class for my java class.

    Create an Oval class given the following design:


    variables: width, length

    setWidth - changes the width. Requires one parameter for width.
    setLength - changes the length. Requires one parameter for length.
    getWidth - returns the oval width.
    getLength - returns the oval length.
    area - returns the area of the oval ((l*w)*0.8) given the current width and length

    Write appropriate client code to test the class. Call the client class simply YourLastName

    This is what I have so far.

    public class McIntoshOval {
    public double length, width;

    public Oval(){
    public int width = 5;
    public int length = 10;

    public Oval(double l, double w){
    length = l;
    width = w;

    public void setLength(){
    length = l;

    public double getLength(){

    public void setWidth(){
    width = w;

    public double getWidth(){

    public double area (){
    return((l*w)*0.8) ;

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    Can anyone give me some help, perhaps stir me in the right direction and let me know of things I am missing Id really appreciate it. Thanks.

    And client code?? What is that?

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    Re: Creating a Oval class?

    the client class simply has a main method, creates one or more Oval objects and tests them.

    Regarding help: what specific questions do you have?

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    Re: Creating a Oval class?

    If you provide methods to set the length or the width, you need to allow the desired values to be passed into them.

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