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Thread: Asp mysql

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    Asp mysql

    Hi all
    I have a web site on IIS and I use ASP as server side
    MYSQL is the database where I store informations.
    During these last days when I check log files I find a lot of errors in some pages like the following:


    These errors happen when a query has to be executed, but the syntax of query is correct because when I load the pages, in which it seems to be errors, sometimes I get error and sometimes not.

    I also want to inform you that these errors happen since when in the database connection string I put as ODBC driver 5.1 (which has been installed in the meantime in the server)instead of ODBC 3.51

    I know that my information can be strange but can you help me?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Asp mysql

    If I am not wrong
    An_exception_occurred:_'rs.Open' has the error code 800A01FB.

    So check out this link

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    Re: Asp mysql

    Hi, I've got the very same problem.
    Here's the problem:
    Our classic asp site on IIS6 connects to a mysql database on a linux server using MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.5.
    It's a high traffic site and everything runs pretty smootly most of the time.
    However, sporadically I'm getting errors when connecting to the database.

    Connecting via either a connection string such as Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver} or a DSN set up in the ODBC settings does not make a difference.

    The error that pops up in the scripts is the ominous
    asp error -2146827781:
    An exception occured "myconn.OPEN"

    On mysql the error is :
    Aborted connection 887 to db: abc user:
    abc host: 123.456.789.1232 (Got an error reading communication

    After some searching for proper settings we've set the following to be changed from the default settings:
    In mysql:
    max_allowed_packet is 128MB from the default 8MB as suggested per

    On Windows:
    we've increased the tcp/ip ephemeral port range of windows to the maximum from the usual 5000.

    We tried all the fitting suggestion on
    communication-errors.html without a proper result.
    The error returned again and again.

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