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Thread: PHP Development & Debugging - Best IDE?

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    Question PHP Development & Debugging - Best IDE?

    I've got a project to do and it requires that I use PHP (typically an ASP.NET developer), so I'm looking for a good IDE to install on my home PC to do some development & debugging.

    Currently I am using Windows Vista 64-bit (Ultimate), and if possible I would like to install the least invasive software (meaning, if I can, no Apache - bad enough I have IIS running).

    Anyways, given that I am new in this field I was wondering what most people would recommend for a PHP IDE for development (not trying to host the project - just develop/debug).

    Any advice would be much appreciated...

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    Re: PHP Development & Debugging - Best IDE?

    You should search before asking questions. This has been asked several times here at CodeGuru.

    One concern that I have is your lack of Apache as your web server for a number of reasons. Yes, therea are many issues when running PHP on IIS. However, my biggest concern is that you mention that you won't be hosting the project, but simply developing it.

    When you send this to its host, chances are that it will be running Linux with Apache as its web server. This could change some functionality depending on the modules you plan to install.
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    Re: PHP Development & Debugging - Best IDE?

    Well there is no "The Best IDE",
    every one has its pro/cons, that's a point you have to find out yourself.

    e.g. A nice IDE is the Eclipse based editor.

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