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Thread: Make a copy of a treeviewitem without parent

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    Make a copy of a treeviewitem without parent

    In my application I have a TreeView with a number of TreeViewItems. The TreeView is shown in a Grid.
    What I want to do is add a selected TreeViewItem to another Grid or TreeView without removing them from the original TreeView. Making a copy of the original TreeViewItem however also includes its parent (all relevant items will have a TreeViewItem as parent).
    TreeViewItem tmp = tvItem;
    (tmp.Parent as TreeViewItem).Remove(tmp); -> This line will remove the tvItem from the TreeView.

    Does anybody know a way to do this?

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    Re: Make a copy of a treeviewitem without parent

    I'm not sure if I fully understand your problem... But "adding an item to another TreeView without removing it from the original" boils down to first creating a copy of the existing item, and then insert it into the other treeview. So, I wonder if you are already doing this? Or - is your question all about how to create a clone of an item, in the first place?

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