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Thread: FilterTextBoxExtendet to support specific string

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    FilterTextBoxExtendet to support specific string

    Hi, i would like to use FilterTextBoxExtender to have a control on a textbox where user can only key in "+" and integer to the textbox.
    For example : +60125966874
    Does ayone has idea on this? I currently only know how to set it either be numeric or aphabeths only....

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    Question Re: FilterTextBoxExtendet to support specific string

    My question would be if every response will require a + sybol... if so then there isn't a need to input it, you can prepend the symbol to the number post submittal. If that isn't the case you can always add a radio button with the value of the symbol before your form field and then concatenate the two form values for the final you are looking for.

    Hope this helps,

    Larry Darrah
    MS AE

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