My first post here, I've googled myself to death on this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am the Lead Web Developer for a company in Edmond OK called Ingenux.
My experience is in PHP primarily although i have a minimal functional knowledge of .NET and VC++

We have a project that we outsourced a couple years ago that is exhibiting a bug, and it has been given to me to fix. I have googled and dug through code for days now and just can't figure out what is going on.

I'm not sure what information to provide so please feel free to tell me what you need to know and i'll get the information for you.

The application uses the codejocks XTToolkit, and is an image editing software that initially loads the image in B&W and then as you paint it restores the original coloring to the painted areas. It has been developed for PC and MAC although at the moment i'm only working with the PC interface (haven't even though about how i'm going to do the mac).

The issue is:

When you load a picture that has large dimensions (not file size, but dimensions) (The specific ratio that constitutes this trigger seems to be dependent on the hardware of the computer... i.e. my work computer Turion64X2 with 4GB RAM can load up to about 8000px x 8000px, while a lesser computer can load up to around 3000px x 3000px). What happens is that the image loads and shows in the thumbnail, but doesn't get drawn on the screen. It is loaded and it's there... if you drag the paint brush around the empty screen it makes the changes to the picture, but you can't see it in the main window.

This client is really losing patients as is my boss... any help would be awesome.

p.s. for clarification this is a desktop application, not web.

Thank you!

Jeremy Ramsey
Lead Web Developer
Ingenux, INC