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Thread: Adding time to Now()

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    Adding time to Now()

    I am hoping somone can help. I am making a small reminder program and want to add a certain amount of time to the current date and time. For example I might want to know the date and time of Now + 3 hours. Is there an easy way of doing this so that it will rollover after midnight if applicable? Any tips will be appreciated.

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    Re: Adding time to Now()

    Use the DateAdd() function with Now as one of the parameters. You will find info on all the different params in your online help


    DateAdd(interval, number, date)


    The interval argument has these settings:

    Setting Description
    yyyy Year
    q Quarter
    m Month
    y Day of year
    d Day
    w Weekday
    ww Week
    h Hour
    n Minute
    s Second

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim TargetTime As Date
    TargetTime = DateAdd("h", 3, Now())
    MsgBox TargetTime
    End Sub

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    Re: Adding time to Now()

    Thank you so much, exactly what I need.

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