I've got a VB6 front end to an Access2007 database. I'm using the Microsoft Office12 Object Library and standard DAO type commands to query/read/write to the database. Typical commands to open the database and set the record object are:

Set dbs = OpenDatabase(DbLocation, 0, False, ";pwd=xxxxx")
Set record = dbs.OpenRecordset("Table1", dbOpenDynaset)

This works fine with no issues at all.

Now we have decided that we want to share and link this database with a Microsoft Sharepoint web list so that we can also perform dynamic web queries against live data. This is easy to do with the Access2007 integration with Sharepoint.

The problem is: As soon as we share the database with sharepoint, our VB6 "Set record = ..." command fails to find "Table1" and generates an error.

I'm guessing that this is because sharing the database with Sharepoint actually makes it so that the Sharepoint list becomes the Master database. The linked Table1 still exists in Access though.

Does anyone know a way to make VB6 work with this type of Access database setup?