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Thread: XML Parsing

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    XML Parsing

    First off i want to state that i am new at this and dont really know what all options are out there or how to use them.

    What i am trying to do is take an xml file and i am modifing the display using xsl and then using javascript in an html document to parse it and display the xml file as html. And eveything works fine expept for one thing, the xml file that i am using is hosted by someone else and is constantly chaning, i currently have the file called up with the javascript command but in order for it to work security settings have to be changed in IE and this isnt really the ideal solution. What i am looking for is some way to get this to work without the security issues. Weather there is a way to cache that xml file on my server or be able to issue a differant command that will not cause the security issues, or even if there is a totally differant way to convert the xml file to html and display it.

    Thank you for you help in advance


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    Re: XML Parsing

    The only to avoid security precautions altogether is to use a server-side language to download the file to your own local directory first.
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    Re: XML Parsing

    Write your own browser xD

    Now seriously: use AJAX and save the xml locally as file or in a variable...
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    Re: XML Parsing

    "totally differant way to convert the xml file to html and display it"

    Run it as an HTA? Not in a browser per se, and Windows only, but will do what you want without the security issues of IE.

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