Hi, I'm using 2008 C# Express Edition right now because I'm a student in High School right now.
This being said, I'm also using .NET 3.5

I'm definetly not novice or begginer, but I sometimes have to refrence google for some classes like to encrypt a file so on, things you don't learn in tuts.

That is also the reason I'm here today asking for help with this issue.

I need to be able to access my webcam or webcams(having two points of view would be awesome!) and track object(s). To be more specific a finger, fingers, or general hand motions. Things that would be awesome to have:
-2 points of view (2webcams)
--From these be able to messure distance (somewhat)
--Aquire general position
--Also track motion
--Recognize certain motions that trigger events
-This needs to be done in a Windows Form interface
--If possible be able to see some visual represention of graphing or some action of tracking

I know that I will Probably be using DirectShowLib (Which I now have) to get frames from my webcam(s) and track objects/motions to raise events.

What I don't know is how to even start doing this..??? Help!?

Or code the plumbing myself? Most likely not because of C# limitations and my lack of knowledge.

This is for educational purposes (Science project).

Also, the computer from which this is being run is very powerfull. Not really any limitations there pretty much the best hardware on the market.