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    help finding a data structures / algorithm book

    Hello, Algorithms & Data Structures Forum,

    Waaaaaay back when I attended school as a CS major in the mid-late 80's, I ran across a great algorithms and data structures book at the library. The day I found it, I was so taken with it, I sat down and read a big chunk of it, and on a few other occasions, I came back and read the rest of it. The last time I went to find the book again, it was gone, and many times afterward, I looked for it, to no avail.

    This book was distinctive because, at the time, it included many topics not found in other books. It was also very well written, IMO, and included little call-out boxes, which, unlike most of the frivolous junk books we have now, actually called out deep and interesting principles about algorithms, data structures, and their design. I remember that a few of the topics found in this book not commonly found in others included Bloom functions, lesser-known kinds of balanced trees, dynamic and extensible hashing, some graph algorithms, I believe, and various other indexing related topics. I am very unsure, but IIRC, it may have been written by a professor at a school in the US southeast (one of the Carolinas, perhaps?). The book was definitely written by a single author, and the publication data was probably in the early 80's, or thereabouts. It was a general book, free from modern sillinesses like ties to particular languages, and endless rafts of source code.

    I would be EXTRAORDINARILY grateful if some reader might remember this book, and inform me of its author, title, pub date, ISBN, etc. If anyone has a copy of a book that sounds like it might be it, and can maybe scan or photograph a few pages from the contents, to help me determine for sure, or point me to some on-line version or sample (unlikely), that would be incredibly mind-bogglingly fabulous.

    Thanks in advance to any kind souls that help me find this book!


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    Re: help finding a data structures / algorithm book

    A few clarifications:

    The more I think about it, the less certain I am about there being a single author - I am not so certain that I would want anyone who thinks they know of a book matching the description not to mention it, if it has more than one author.

    Also, sorry for the typo: "publication data" should read "publication date." Conceivably, the publication date could be as "recent" as 1987 - though I would bet it's appreciably earlier.

    Finally, if anyone knows a better place for this question, feel free to suggest it.

    Thanks, -jar

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