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    how to query data from website using VC?

    I want to query some datum from a website,so I need a program to read data from a .csv file, and assign the value to a text control which including in the webpage,and then submit the data automatically(there's a submmit button in the webpage),at last,the query results will be written in the same .csv file.
    I don't know how to assign data to text controland let the data sent automatically.

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    Re: how to query data from website using VC?

    I am not so sure about the data you are talking about....Is it the HTML content on the web page displayed in the browser or a file object on the server or a stream....??? But to put the data from a .csv file to the Text box, you have to assign a CString member to the text box and get the contents of the .csv file in it. You then will have to display the data in the text box. So first assign a control (CTextBox) variable to the text box and then display the data from CString member in the format you want. Ofcourse, I am assuming that you are using MFC.

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    Re: how to query data from website using VC?

    Yes, the question is not very clear but it sounds that the OP needs to use sockets to read data from a web server (HTTP protocol, port 80) pretty much like a web browser does, process it the way he wants and write it back to a web server using sockets as well. Here's some basic info and a sample.

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