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Thread: Can't see "#include <vector>"???

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    Exclamation Can't see "#include <vector>"???

    Below is the top most of my header file, am I using "#include <vector>' or vecotr<> x incorrectly? I get an error:

    "error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '<'" at the line "vector<el_t> el;"
    which leads me to think that my compiler is not recognizing vector even with the vector include line above. Visual Studio 2008

    #include <vector>
    typedef int el_t;    // the el_t type is int for now
                         // el_t is unknown to the client
    class stack
       private: // to be hidden from the client
    	   vector<el_t> el;
            //el_t     el[MAX];       // el is  an array of el_t's --int's (original line)
            int      top;           // top is index to the top of stack
    	   void stackError(char*);    // utility function for error handling
       public: // prototypes to be used by the client 

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    Re: Can't see "#include <vector>"???

     std::vector<el_t> el;

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