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    Arrow Free Beta of New Concurrency Debugging Tool

    We're looking for developers writing multi-threaded Windows apps to try out Jinx, a new, hypervisor-based debugging tool. Jinx helps you find elusive concurrency bugs by running your application deterministically, looking for interleaving patterns that are most likely to cause problems.

    Jinx works with native (C++) and managed code (C#, etc), and is currently supported on 64-bit Windows XP and Windows 7 platforms, and we require VMX (Intel) or SVM (AMD) virtualization extensions. Jinx can debug both 64-bit and 32-bit applications.

    You can find more details at, and can apply for the beta program at

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    Re: Free Beta of New Concurrency Debugging Tool

    Really cool stuff!

    Questions, out of curiosity:
    - Does it require exclusive access to the hyperviser? Can it run along-side a running VMWare guest, or within a guest VM?
    - Does Jinx simulate (or force) order of memory visibility of reads/writes?
    - Does "detection" come solely from jinx_assert and/or "crashes" (unhandled exceptions)?


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    Re: Free Beta of New Concurrency Debugging Tool

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