If you’re a C++ developer who’s looking to move into.NET programming, Murach’s C++ 2008 provides an easy transition. Section 1 is an intro to Visual Studio that will get you productive using this IDE right away. In Section 2, you can skip the language details you already know to focus on the .NET classes that are new to you. Likewise, in Section 3, on OOP, you can skip over concepts and techniques you’ve already mastered and make sure you’re using inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, and generics the way they’re used in the .NET world. In Section 4, you’ll find out how to handle text, binary, and XML files under .NET. But beyond that, you’ll see how your native C++ code can be compiled, run, and enhanced under Visual Studio…all without change! That means you can easily port old programs to .NET, and you can use tested and debugged native C++ code in new .NET applications. Murach’s distinctive paired-pages format makes it especially easy to focus on the material that’s new to you.

To download a sample chapter, you can visit www.murach.com