Fissure Studios is currently looking for some inspired and devoted C# developers for our next-generation interactive media library, the Atomic Engine. This will be an all purpose assembly for game and simulation development. For a more complete list of features, you will need to go check-out our forum, (under Announcements->Welcome!):


The forum has recently went under some heavy construction and most of the posts were lost. It might look empty, but we are still (obviously) active. Anyways, we are looking for a couple of developers who can relate to ONE of the following:

* Have good knowledge of C# and code design. This developer must be able to understand C# at minimum, not just know how to use C#, but look-at and understand how the end-user will use the code.
* OpenGL, DirectX9 programming knowledge and understand the math required to render 3D objects.
* Advanced math such as, real-time physics, vectors, matrices, ray-casting or collision detection.
* Artificial Intelligence such as, neural networks, fuzzy logic, reaction tables or self-scripting.
* Shader development for GLSL, HLSL or Cg shaders.
* Content (de)serialization for textures or models.
* Content creation tools for animations, images, 3D scenes or other game related assets.
* Web-developer for forum maintenance and website creation.

Now, to give us acknowledgment that you are interested you should (easier) sign-up at our forum and send me a PM (qc.zackf) or post a thread in the 'Help Needed' topic in the forum.

- Or -

You can just email at:
qc.zackf (at) gmail (dot) com

And I will contact you with the same day or the next. Also please include some simple details of what you offer. If you don't relate to anything above or just getting into game-development (not C#) and still want to include yourself, by all means contact us (we will enjoy teaching you what we know )

!Another note!:

Compensation is still undermined. This project IS closed source and we are planning for compensation, just not 100% on how much or when. This is why we are looking for help. The more people, the more ideas, the better.

Happy Programming,
~ Fissure Studios