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Thread: Windows SDK: What is an overlapped window?

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    Windows SDK: What is an overlapped window?

    Q: What is an overlapped window?

    A: An overlapped window is a top-level window that has a caption (title bar), border and client area.
    It is created by specifying WS_OVERLAPPED style in CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx function.

    • overlapped windows are generally used as application's main window;
    • WS_OVERLAPPED constant is defined in winuser.h and has a value of 0 (zero);
    • in practice is used the composite style WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW instead of WS_OVERLAPPED;
      this adds sizing border, system menu, and minimize and maximize buttons.
                                   WS_CAPTION        | \
                                   WS_SYSMENU        | \
                                   WS_THICKFRAME     | \
                                   WS_MINIMIZEBOX    | \

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