What’s new in this first release?

Aspose.Report for .NET now allows converting RDL and RDLC reports to image formats with improved query parsing and charting features that include;

- Ability to display the customized rectangle around the chart
- Ability to load BackImage from embedded resources
- Ability to set horizontal/vertical line as a PointMarker
- Ability to change the shapes in a custom LegendBox
- Support for Gloss effect in Pie charts
- Ability to set LegendBox margin from Axis lines
- Ability to plot negative data points on a stacked bar chart
- Ability to set image as a PointMarker in a Point chart
- Ability to set BackImage property for Gantt chart bars
- Ability to set labels on the left side of Axis in a Radar chart
- Ability to display gaps in a Line chart
- Ability to set DataPoint label position in a Gantt chart

Overview: Aspose.Report for .NET

Aspose.Report is a .NET query building and charting control allowing developers to quickly add ad hoc capabilities to their .NET applications as well as creating 21 popular chart types having some stylish effects like 3D rendering, transparency, gradients and anti-aliasing. Simply drag and drop the Aspose.Report component on Web or Win form, assign a DataTable object as data source & abstract a variety of outputs including SQL, Select, Where and Order By statements and many more.

Newly added articles and documentation pages

All the above supported features have been deeply explained in separate documentation pages as well to give you an in-depth familiarity with Aspose.Report for .NET and its usage.

- How to: Dynamically generate formatted Excel Reports with an elegant graph.
- How to: Create a chart from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
- Working with ReportConverter.
- Working with Legend Box using Aspose.Report for .NET.
- Working with Axis Objects using Aspose.Report for .NET.

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