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Thread: C Sharp and Deploying an App

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    C Sharp and Deploying an App


    I developed a windows app in C sharp. I am now ready to deploy and have other users use it. I am finding it's not a simple task to move it/ copy it to another computer. Can anyone advise how I can copy my app from my laptop and copy it to another computer or server? I was planning to just copy it to my thumb drive. Please help.

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    Re: C Sharp and Deploying an App

    There are many options:

    • If you prefer xcopy deployment, just zip the application and put it on a share.
    • You can use click once deployment, in this case you also place the application on a shared location (or http server). This will make it possible for the application to automatically check for updates.
    • Use MSI and let the users download the application and install it.
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    Re: C Sharp and Deploying an App

    It is possible to create a Setup project within the same solution. When you build this project, you will get a app.msi file which you can distribute.

    When a user executes that file, it will install your programme on their computer, as well as prompt them to download the required version of the .NET Runtime should they not already have it installed.
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