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    Unhappy MAPIReadNext works well but MAPIReadMail doesn´t work.

    Hi everybody,

    As i said, MAPIReadNext function return 0 and a pointer to unread message on windows live mail, but after it, if i send a MAPIReadMail command i receive a 0 return code again, but the pointer to struct message is NULL.

    Portion of my code:

    MapiMessage* message ; // Created but not initialized
    ULONG err=0; // Created and initialized
    LPSTR rgchMsgID; // Created but not initialized

    // return 0 and put 546 into rgchMsgID
    ULONG uFindRet = lpfnMAPIFindNext(lhSession,0L,"","",MAPI_LONG_MSGID|MAPI_UNREAD_ONLY,0L,rgchMsgID);

    err = lpfnMAPIReadMail(lhSession,0L,rgchMsgID,MAPI_BODY_AS_FILE,0,&message); // Return 0

    if (message==NULL) // true, because message is NULL.
    err = FAILMAIL; // Badly, Allways execute this line.

    Can someone help me ?

    I try everything i knew.

    since now, thanks.

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    Re: MAPIReadNext works well but MAPIReadMail doesn´t work.

    Well....of the top of my head...the third parameter is supposed to be the message id which is allocated by the caller. In your actually pass in some random value.

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