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    Screenshot capture to byte array

    Dear C# professionals.

    Is this possible to optimize the code of screenshot capture and make it directly to byte array without intermediate bmp? The code I use now contains of two functions. First function CreateBitmapFromWindow accepts a pointer to the window and returns bitmap, corresponding to window rectangle. Second function translates bitmap to byte array via Marshal.Copy. I dont write unmanaged methods class here. Methods are standard and taken from msdn:

    public Bitmap CreateBitmapFromWindow(IntPtr hwnd)
         Rect rec;
         IntPtr hDC;
         Bitmap bmp;
         //calculating window dimensions
         UnmanagedMethods.GetWindowRect(hwnd, out rec);
         //Here we get the handle to the window device context.
         hDC = UnmanagedMethods.GetDCEx(hwnd, UnmanagedMethods.CreateRectRgn(rec.Left, rec.Top, rec.Right, rec.Bottom),UnmanagedMethods.DCX_WINDOW);
         //Here we make a compatible device context in memory for window or screen device context.
         IntPtr hMemDC = UnmanagedMethods.CreateCompatibleDC(hDC);
         //We create a compatible bitmap of the screen size and using the screen device context.
         IntPtr hBitmap = UnmanagedMethods.CreateCompatibleBitmap(hDC, rec.Right - rec.Left, rec.Bottom - rec.Top);
         //Here we select the compatible bitmap in the memeory device
         //context and keep the refrence to the old bitmap.
         IntPtr hOld = UnmanagedMethods.SelectObject(hMemDC, hBitmap);
         //We copy the Bitmap to the memory device context.
         UnmanagedMethods.BitBlt(hMemDC, 0, 0, rec.Right - rec.Left, rec.Bottom - rec.Top, hDC, 0, 0, UnmanagedMethods.SRCCOPY);
         //We select the old bitmap back to the memory device context.
         UnmanagedMethods.SelectObject(hMemDC, hOld);
         //We delete the memory device context.
         //We release the screen device context.
         UnmanagedMethods.ReleaseDC(hwnd, hDC);
         //Image is created by Image bitmap handle and stored in local variable.
         bmp = Image.FromHbitmap(hBitmap);
         //Release the memory to avoid memory leaks.
         //This statement runs the garbage collector manually.
         return bmp;
    //Second function translates bmp to byte array
    public byte[] BMPToByteArray(Bitmap bmp)
         Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(0, 0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height);
         //I use only 24b BMPs
         BitmapData bmpData = bmp.LockBits(rect, ImageLockMode.ReadOnly, PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb);
         IntPtr ptr = bmpData.Scan0;
         int bytes = bmpData.Stride * bmp.Height;
         byte[] rgbValues = new byte[bytes];
         Marshal.Copy(ptr, rgbValues, 0, bytes);
         return rgbValues;
    public struct Rect
         public int Left;
         public int Top;
         public int Right;
         public int Bottom;

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    Re: Screenshot capture to byte array

    What's wrong with using an intermediate Bitmap?
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    Re: Screenshot capture to byte array

    I am looking for faster method of bmp extraction and analysis. My program should work at high cpu load and one screenshot operation from a window can take 500ms to complete. Bitmap analysis after extraction is near to instant. As a result program sees everything with delay, and during this delay window can change. I made measures of time consumption in CreateBitmapFromWindow block. It looks like there is no obvious bottleneck exist:

    Thread synchronization lock (2x) - 16% - Monitors on the enter and exit of the function
    CreateCompatibleBitmap - 15%
    SelectObject (2x) - 23%
    BitBlt - 36%
    FromHBitMap - 6%
    Garbage collector - 3%

    BitBlt and Marshal.Copy functions make similar operation. Is there a way to copy bytes only one time?

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