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Thread: DataGridViewRow Problem (Formatting not updating)

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    DataGridViewRow Problem (Formatting not updating)

    I am having problems with my DataGridView.

    I have two colums in this row. Text, and Cost. In the cost Column, I have the DefaultCellStyle Format set to C2 (As a number).

    When I add rows (DataGridView.Rows.Add("Text", "5")), it formats it correctly as $5.00 (In the Cost Column).

    The problem I am having is on an update. I want to be able to format the row correctly when a user edits the row. When I edit the row, DataGridView_CellEndEdit shows me the value "5", but not the correctly formatted value, nor can I update the format for the user.

    How would I update the format?

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    Re: DataGridViewRow Problem (Formatting not updating)

    Something like myDataGridView(int col,int row).Value = String.Format("{0:C}", myDataGridView(int col, int row).Value)

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    Re: DataGridViewRow Problem (Formatting not updating)

    Would this go into the Cell Validating Method, or CellEndEdit.

    I just don't understand why it doesn't update the format. The Cell Inherited style should see that it should be formatted as "C2", don't understand why I have to manually update it.

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