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    Enhanced LINQ to SQL Compatible ORM Solution from Devart

    Devart has recently announced the release of LinqConnect - an enhanced LINQ to SQL compatible ORM solution with extended functionality, support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, its own visual model designer, seamlessly integrating to Visual Studio, and SQL monitoring tool.
    LinqConnect allows you to quickly create mapping model and generate data access layer code for your application, greatly decreasing development time and eliminating the need to work over routine tasks. It was developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL technology, while extending its functionality, thus allowing LINQ to SQL developer to easily get started with LinqConnect.
    In addition to LINQ to SQL features, LinqConnect provides its own advanced functionality. LinqConnect has complete support for complex types, allowing you to create entity properties with internal structure. With ID Generation feature you may just set an attribute for the property to use unique value generation for it. LinqConnect caches compiled queries automatically, while allowing you to set cache parameters and control caching process. This is just a part of LinqConnect unique features.
    LinqConnect supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. It provides the same interface to all database servers, allowing you to easily develop applications that are able to use different databases.
    Please, feel free to download, try and write any comments or suggestions about our products!

    Pricing and Availability

    A Single license costs $249.95. To learn more, download trial edition, or order a license please visit the Devart site:

    About Devart

    Devart is a software development company with 11 years of experience on the software market and over 20 thousands of devoted users.
    We specialize in providing native connectivity solutions as well as comprehensive development and management tools for the most popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and SQLite.

    For additional information about Devart, visit

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    Re: Enhanced LINQ to SQL Compatible ORM Solution from Devart

    I haven't used it, but Kellerman Software has a LINQ provider for Firebird

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