Sticking to customer driven principle, E-iceblue has now become the professional, innovative and reliable Office Development Component Vendor. Coming to its five years, they decide to contribute great enhancement on Office developing industry, to be the first to support conversion between XPS and PDF.

Conversion between XPS and PDF

Because of different structures, conversion between XPS and PDF is difficulty and concerned by lots of developers, as XPS is based on XML, while PDF is created from PostScript. E-iceblue develops this new feature to enable users easily and quickly to realize conversion between XPS and PDF without installing Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. This makes E-iceblue the the first Vendor that realize conversion between XPS, PDF, Word and Excel.

PDF to Word/HTML

PDF to Word/HTML is always the hottest issue between developers. E-iceblue adds this new feature for further improving its component to enables developers to create independent or online convertors to realize more conversions between PDF and other document formats.

There is also a gift for E-iceblue customers. The chief executive officer Jason says: “We are very appreciated for long-term support from our customers and partners. In order to express our thanks, we will launch a promotion. If you download any one of our components, you can get 50 dollars.” E-iceblue, Your Office Development Master, will be always providing the best Products and service.

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