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    Re: Small things that make a difference

    Hannes - Really? I feel quite the opposite. The original 2003 FW1/1.1 documentation was meager at best. And most of the examples were in C# - which meant if I wanted to figure out how to do something in VB.NET, I had to start learning C# - which in a way, I did, double-points scored there - But in the last few years, I think the documentation has really taken off and a lot of effort has been put into it and it is really great.

    but hey, that's just this gnome's opinion.

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    Re: Small things that make a difference

    I personally do feel that the 2005 documentation, and the IDE of MSDN was not good. Perhaps I didn't notice the C# oriented solutions in 2003, or were just comfortable with them, as I was proficient with C# as well. Still, I have found myself going back to the 2003 documentation very often, even when I was using 2005 / 2008.

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    Re: Small things that make a difference

    The VB MVP's (past/present) have been very vocal over the past 5+ years about that point. We're finally convincing the other half the VB.Net exists!

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