The MobiForms team have just released the latest MobiForms Advanced Edition with Google Android support. MobiForms offers one compact development and deployment solution. MobiForms totally replaces the need to download and learn numerous different tools like Eclipse, the Android SDK, Java or XML. The MobiForms Advanced Edition includes the MobiForms Developer and the MobiForms Sync Server enabling the creation of true offline store and forward apps with offline buffering and online synchronisation. This caters for situations in the real world where comms may be interrupted, but with this solution no data is lost. Ideal for creating mobile business apps for field service, surveys, risk assessments, stock control etc.

The MobiForms Sync Server enables bi-directional data replication, synchronisation and offline buffering between just about any master back office database server or ERP package (such as Oracle Apps, SAP, Navision, Dynamics etc.), and any MobiForms mobile client running on Google Android or a host of other mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile. Supported back office database servers include Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, IBM DB2, SQLite, HSQLDB and MySQL.

The MobiForms Advance Edition now supports the full development lifecycle for Google Android mobile database apps including:

- Definition of database replication rules from the master back office database or ERP package
- Creation and definition of mobile users
- Building a seed mobile database based on a subset of the master database
- Creation of a mobile application using the seed mobile database
- Deployment of the mobile application and seed mobile database
- Bi-directional data replication and status updates between the master database and the mobile client database

Unlike most competing products, the MobiForms Advanced Edition offers a total solution for a once off licence fee. The licence includes an unlimited number of MobiForms clients running on Tablet PC, Pocket PC, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Smartphone, Symbian and now Google Android.

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