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Thread: Javascript Help: what does this line do

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    Javascript Help: what does this line do


    I am new to JS and wanted some help. I have a script which accepts values in the format of username.number and returns the details of username.number from a database. Now the script only works for username that is alphabetical and not alphanumeric. Thus when the username is alphanumeric the search doesn't return any values. I have identified with my limited Javascript skills that the following line is the one because of which the alphanumeric value is not recognized. Is that a correct assumption? So if I add 0-9 next to A-Z will that solve the issue? If only I knew what this line did, it will be great. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    if( $entry ne "" && $entry !~ /\;/ && $entry !~ / / && $entry =~ /[a-zA-Z]+\.[0-9]+/ )

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    Re: Javascript Help: what does this line do

    Welcome to the forums

    What you are having issues with, is called Regular Expressions.

    I am including some links here which you may find useful.


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    Re: Javascript Help: what does this line do

    Welcome to the forums, sinfuldips!

    I have not doubt that you are new to JavaScript...especially since the code you posted is not even JavaScript. Can you please confirm with what language you are actually working?
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