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    [RESOLVED] jQuery slider & toggle help!

    I've been playing around with something i want to use on my website which i just cant get working.
    I have a toggle menu button in which i want to place an image slide viewer inside, but when i put the slide viewer inside the toggle menu, the toggle menu appears as open when the page loads.
    I want the toggle to be closed when the page loads and the image slider to open out when the toggle button is clicked.

    Here it is:

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can be of any help, and i hope you can make sense of all this, as you can tell im quite the novice.

    Please email or reply for any extra info needed..

    Cai Griffith.

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    Re: jQuery slider & toggle help!

    Is this a java programming problem?
    Or is it a javascript problem?
    If the latter, try a javascript forum for better answers.

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    Re: jQuery slider & toggle help!

    it is javascript, il try there, thanks.

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