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Thread: HELP!!! vs I have a problem with...

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    HELP!!! vs I have a problem with...

    everybody says how importat it is to choose a good topic to get much attantion but I often see that "HELP!!! NOW!!!" threads have more views then "I need a help with this ... function"... how is that possible? interesting, isn't it?
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    Re: HELP!!! vs I have a problem with...

    With a name like "Help!!!!!", most of the people will enter your thread and find out that they can't help you because they don't know about function xxxx. If you would have named your thread "Help with function xxxx", those people would not have read your thread at all, so you get less view, but with the same results as they still can't help you. However, if you name your thread with "function xxxx", you are sure to get the attention of those that will be able to help you!

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    Re: HELP!!! vs I have a problem with...

    how is that possible?
    Stupid is as stupid does

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