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Our client is a NYC & Boston area start-up building a realtime intent engine. Our client is backed by blue-chip investors. Their work is making the web more relevant for everyone. They are changing perceptions of what is possible in digital media. They live and breathe realtime web. Their attitude is the Rock and Roll of Dylan going electric, Hendrix at Monterey and The Ramones at CBGBs.

UX/UI Developer/Designer – Full time position in Maynard, MA

Currently our client is recruiting for a creative and passionate UX/UI Developer and Designer with experience building complex web products. The successful candidate will be a core member of the team working closely and collaboratively with development, design and backend software engineers.

You will be joining a vanguard team whose footprint has already transformed the web using realtime data in the areas of media, advertising, networking and finance. Your performance will be held to the highest standards of productivity and achievement - the same ones they hold themselves to. Your will be constantly challenged. Are you ready to turn your amp up to 11?


· Build a kick-*** Web UI
· Pick any 3: maintainable, scalable, extensible


· You've built a kick-*** Web UI before
· You play "name that font" on roadtrips
· You dream in data visualizations
· You bore your friends and loved ones with colour theory jokes
· You can bend HTML and CSS to your will, and have been for a while now
· You know what the tag is.
· You have (at least one) weathered copy of Tufte's "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information".
· Javascript is your friend, and jquery or dojo are you lovers
· Bonus for Python, Django, and template languages
· Extra bonus for node.js / server-side javascript
· You love to build but you know when to buy
· You love it when a plan comes together

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply online or e-mail resumes to Mike Astringer