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Thread: Simulate Keypress

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    Simulate Keypress


    I am a novice at c++ so please excuse my basic questions. I have a custom game controller that I can get data from using a small c++ console program. I want to convert some of the input to mouse and some to keypresses. So far I have it working OK, using INPUT and SendInput. If I open a notepad I can see all of the keypresses written to the page. I can also move the mouse and make button presses OK too. But when I start a game, the mouse part of it works OK, ie moving the cursor and the mouse buttons work too, but the keypresses are not getting through. Any idea how I can get my keypresses to be recognised by a game? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Simulate Keypress

    Make certain that the target window/application has focus before using SendInput. Call SetForegroundWindow() as described in this article:

    Others have pointed out the SetForgroundWindow might no longer work as intended. If you continue to have difficulties, try calling SwitchToThisWindow (followed by SetForegroundWindow just for good measure).


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