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    Create a Test With This Limited Code

    Long story, short: I'm stuck with the code below and I need a test between those two code segments.

    All users run the first code segment, but I need a test so that one special user runs the second code segment. That one special user is directly affected by the first segment (I have a hunch the "push 0Fh" line most directly references the special user, but that may be wrong and I don't want that hunch to cloud anyone's appraisal).

    The only way I have to reference this special user is with the elements of these two code segments. However, I don't know if this is possible to make a test that tests for that special user with only the code below.

    I'm hoping someone who knows assembly better than I knows if that's possible and can provide some insights. Thanks!

    mov     ecx, [esi+4]
    lea     edx, [esp+18h]
    push    edx
    lea     edx, [edi+48h]
    mov     eax, [ecx]
    push    edx
    lea     edx, [edi+30h]
    push    edx
    push    0Fh
    call    dword ptr [eax+1Ch]
    mov     eax, [esp+18h]
    mov     edx, [edi]
    mov     [edi+70h], eax
    lea     eax, [esp+74h]
    push    ebx
    push    eax
    mov     ecx, edi
    mov     [esp+7Ch], ebx
    mov     [esp+80h], ebx
    mov     [esp+84h], ebx
    mov     [esp+88h], ebx
    call    dword ptr [edx+70h]

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    Additional Info

    The first segment seems to set the placement of the special user. The second segment crashes every user except the special user. When only the special user runs the second segment, no one crashes. The second segment seems to update the special user's placement to the others.

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