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    Loadin bitmap image from file not resources

    Hi guys,
    I need to load a bitmap image from the file and show it in the screen in MFC. The following code load the image from a resource but I want to load it from a file.
    void CScViewView::OnDraw(CDC* pDC)
    CScViewDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();
    if (!pDoc)

    CBitmap bmpCar;
    CDC mdcCar;
    CSize szeBitmap;
    bmpCar.LoadBitmapW(IDB_BITMAP1); = 1276; = 1024;
    CBitmap *bmpOld = mdcCar.SelectObject(&bmpCar);
    pDC->BitBlt(0, 0, 1276, 1024, &mdcCar, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
    SetScrollSizes(MM_TEXT, szeBitmap);

    I replaced the LoadBitmapW with this bmpCar.LoadBitmap((LPCTSTR) "mybitmap.bmp"), but it does not work.
    Thanks for you help in advance.

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    Re: Loadin bitmap image from file not resources

    LoadBitmap Function
    The LoadBitmap function loads the specified bitmap resource from a module's executable file. This function has been superseded by the LoadImage function.
    And LoadImage() can load from file.
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