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Thread: Showing filtered rows in a data grid

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    Showing filtered rows in a data grid


    I have a DataTable(paceTime), a DataGrid(paceTimeGrid) and a Binding(paceTimeBinding).
    The grid is load via ReadXml; this works, all rows are displayed.
    Now, I want to apply a filter on the grid and show only filtered rows.

    // just a snippet from *.designer.cs:
                this.paceTimeGrid.DataSource = this.paceTimeBinding;
                this.paceTimeBinding.DataSource = typeof(PaceTimeDataTable);
    // applying the filter:
                string FName ="Hugo";
                string FString = string.Format("Name = '{0:}'",FName);
                paceTimeBinding.Filter = FString;
    // whats next?
    How can I repaint the grid, displaying only filtered rows? Is there something like Invalidate, or do I have to Select the matching rows and rebuild the grid?

    I'm using VS2008 and .Net 4.

    Thanx f.y.h.
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    Re: Showing filtered rows in a data grid


    You are doing great practice. I don't know how to complete this by ordinary .net components. I came to know about a component which can complete your requirement of repaint the grid and display only filtered rows. Here is the example http://www.******.com/Feature.aspx?id=custom_painting

    May be helpful.

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    Re: Showing filtered rows in a data grid

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