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Thread: Max and Min using arrays and pointers

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    Max and Min using arrays and pointers

    I'm new in C++, and I have been trying to come with a code to get the max and min value of and array. The program prompt the user to enter a series of integers. I also using pointers.

    Here is my code

    using namespace std;

    int minimun( const int* values, size_t numValues);
    int maximum( const int* values, size_t numValues);

    int main()
    const size_t maxValues = 10;
    const int array7Size = 10;
    int array7[array7Size] = {};
    int *array7Ptr = array7;
    int array7min = array7[0];
    int array7max = array7[0];

    cout <<" Enter up to 10 integers"<< endl;
    minimun( array7, array7min );
    maximum( array7, array7max );
    cout <<"Minimum value: "<< array7min << endl;
    cout <<"Maximum value: "<< array7max << endl;

    } // end while

    //fFunctions that find the maximum value of the array.

    int maximun( const int* array7 [], size_t array7max )

    for ( size_t i = 0; i < array7max ; i++ )

    cin >> *array7max[i];

    if ( *array7[i] > array7max )
    array7max = array7max[i];

    return array7max;


    // function that find the minimum value nof the array.

    int miminum(const int* array7 [], size_t array7min)

    if (*array7[i] < array7min )
    array7min = *(array7min + i);

    return array7min;


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    Exclamation Re: Max and Min using arrays and pointers


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    Re: Max and Min using arrays and pointers

    Code tags and indentation dude. That mess is unreadable. What's your question?

    I formatted it myself and nothing you wrote really makes any sense.

    You're prompting to enter values, but not actually accepting values.

    You're setting your initial minimum to zero, and I told you in your other thread why that won't work.

    You're accepting values in your minimum and maximum functions. You should run those after the array is full.

    I have no idea what adding i is supposed to do in your minimum function. It's not even defined.
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    Re: Max and Min using arrays and pointers

    Like the previous poster said, you are not getting the values that they put in. Once you prompt them with
    cout <<" Enter up to 10 integers"<< endl;
    you should have something like
    cin>>some variable to store what they entered in
    That line will handle if they enter ints, but it won't handle if they put in char or something (look into atoi if you need to check for that stuff).

    Your min function lacks a loop.

    Apparently the previous poster already told you in a different thread, but just to reiterate so people who see this thread and not the other will know - setting the initial value to 0 is wrong because what if the array is full of negative numbers? Instead, you should set it to the first element in the array.

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