ahmm good afternoon to all... it seems that the forum for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio has been closed and now people having problem is redirected to this site... =) and im one of those people who need help ^^;... and im wonder if you guys can give me a hand here... im having a problem displaying the value which is on my database...
RecordID StudentNo Grade ModeofPayment SchoolFeeName-------Fee
1--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------Registration Fee -------0.00
2--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------Tuition Fee--------------15715.35
3--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------Miscellaneous Fee-----2395.00
4--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------Books---------------------5824.85
5--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------School Supply-----------895.00
6--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------School Uniform(1)-------650.00
7--------------11-0000------Grade4 Yearly------------------P.E. Uniform(1)-----------680.00

thats a sample of my database and ahmm..
im having a trouble how can i display the Fee which is 2395.00 of Miscellaneous Fee
i try the LIKE thing because the School Uniform(1) and P.E.E Uniform(1) can be modify to
School Uniform(0) and P.E.E Uniform(0)

..ahmmm can you help me how can i display the Fee of Miscellaneous Fee, Books, School Supply, and School Uniform

when i try this..

if {tbl_student_fee_details.SchoolFeeName} like '* School Supply *' then {tbl_student_fee_details.Fee}